Caffè Nero to stock Genius gluten-free filled rolls!

Caffè Nero to stock Genius gluten-free filled rolls!

Caffe Nero gluten-free Roll

The news broke today that Genius Foods will be entering into a partnership with 600 Caffè Nero branches nationwide to provide gluten-free filled rolls. This will be particularly welcome to those who have to travel frequently and don’t feel like yet another gluten-free brownie. Why these places started doing brownies before sandwiches baffles me, but it’s encouraging that things are moving in the right direction. Rolls are almost always a better idea than sandwiches made from sliced bread, as they tend to hold together more.

To start with it will be available with a chicken salad and pesto filling, which is great news for some of us, but still represents a lack of choice for vegetarian or dairy-free coeliacs. Baby steps people, baby steps.

As this week is Gut Feeling Week (and I’ll be posting a lot!), your mission today is to be vocal about what you want to the companies that you want things from. If you’re a veggie coeliac, get on Twitter or Facebook and let Caffe Nero know that you’d love to buy their products but can’t at present. Ask your local sandwich shop about stocking gluten-free products! Let companies know that they are losing your business, that you are desperate to throw your money at them. One voice may not make much of a difference, but collectively we are a strong presence!

Go forth, coeliactivists!

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